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8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

by Mansi

An ideal homemaker is lovely to look at and lovely to be around–she has a wholesome attitude and pleasing appearance – Daryl Hoole

Are you overwhelmed by the daily homemaking routines?  Does life feel boring and frustrating – cleaning, cooking, organizing, every single day?

I completely understand. I’ve been there too. It’s but obvious to feel so!

And, this being the daily stuff, there are also days, which comes with some additional surprises. Examples: a family member not feeling well or kids hurting themselves while playing; an unannounced company or an unavoidable event which you want to give a miss but cannot.

After the day-long grinding between the chores, kids, husband, work from home and social life; people also expect you to look fresh, positive, well maintained and inviting all the time.8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

Trust me, homemaking or work from home is an excellent choice. You can actually enjoy it if you add a little time in your day for yourself. This will be the time when you solely focus and concentrate on yourself. Now, this might sound selfish but you require some space to breathe.

Even though you’re a new mommy, you need to find someone, maybe your husband or mommy or mom-in-law to babysit your baby for at least an hour and take a nap for a while.

You have to give yourself 80% before you give your family, home, and work your 100%. Remember we are humans too. We need proper nutrition, hydration and rest to survive. Who’s going to do that for you, if not you?

Here are some ways, following which, will help you enjoy being a stay at home mom/wife:

1. Know The Importance Of Some ‘Me’ Time:

Having some ‘Me’ time in a day is crucial if you really want to enjoy being at home. Choose a convenient time and block 30 minutes every day on your To Do list for yourself.

During this time, slow down and enjoy your cup of coffee or watch a favorite show on Netflix or spend some time gardening or chat with a friend. Include activities that you crave for.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

2. Have A Home Management Binder:

A home-management binder will simplify your life. A home management binder will hold everything you need in one place. Cleaning routines, schedules, meal plans, contact details, addresses, bill dates, birthdays and events, etc., It takes a little time to assemble all the things but it’ll be worth every moment.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/WifePhoto by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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3. Take A Day Off:

I can’t stress enough on this. It’s imperative. You require a short break, from any and every type of work, in order to be efficient and to endure. Or else the physical and mental fatigue will affect your health and relationships.

Pick a day, when you’ll take the time off from cooking, cleaning, housework, and office work. And, spend this day with your family or doing what you love.

I take a day off when my husband is not working. So, we both can have a wonderful time together. This gives a boost to perform the week’s activities gracefully. Try it and lemme’ know.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/WifePhoto by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

4. Take Care Of Yourself:

Take care of your health the same way how you do for your family. Have food on time, hydrate yourself, do a quick 10 minutes workout, get enough sleep. Groom yourself and wear nice dresses.

Now, this is a big ONE. Homemaking is a profession, and if you work from home, it means that your home is your workplace in both ways.

I agree it’s okay not to do your hair or bath or dress up once in a while. Because after all, that’s the main advantage of working from home. You have the freedom to be in your pajamas, smell gross or look like a hot mess.

But if you want to be productive, you’ve got to take a shower and dress up first thing in the morning. You should never lose an opportunity to look your best. Your husband should feel refreshed, looking at you, when he’s home from work compared to his (female) colleagues. You know what I mean, right?

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5. Find Ways To Simplify Your Household Tasks:

Try different methods to see what works for you and stick to it. Use different apps, planners, printables; watch cleaning, cooking, organizing, kid’s activities videos on youtube or read articles on google to learn simple ways to carry out daily tasks effortlessly.

There’s so much detailed information available out there. I’m sure you’ll discover pretty much everything for you.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/WifePhoto by Photo Mix from Pixabay

6. Stay Active On Social Media:

By staying active, I mean keeping up with what’s happening around the world, staying connected with your friends, learning new things about your work and life.

I don’t mean, posting the updates continually and then keep on counting the likes and comments. No, that’s a trap. That’ll obstruct your efficiency and leave you distracted and disappointed.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/WifePhoto by Kerde from Pexels

7. Buy Something For Yourself Every Month:

This inessentially means buying something high end or expensive. Although, you can do that if your budget allows you to. But in general, a small yet cute gift for yourself to pep up your mood. Or maybe a one-day gateway with your husband leaving the kids at your parents’ place.8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

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8. Pursue Your Hobbies:

Set aside at least 10 minutes of your day to pursue your hobbies. It’ll boost your self-esteem and make you feel happy.

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Final Words:

Don’t mistake these things like the act of selfishness. All these and even more is necessary to nourish your soul and for your wellbeing. Since you can give your best only when you’re healthy, happy and fulfilled. All the above things are vitally important to all women – with kids and without kids, working from home and nonworking as well.

Thanks a lot for reading. And let me know in the comments below What all you do to enjoy being a stay at home mommy/wife?

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