3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The Gym

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Everyone must choose one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret – Jim Rohn

Exercise – an indispensable part of life yet the most neglected one. It bothers me when I see people let their health slip through their fingers at first. And then, undergo painful treatments and medications. Which hardly bring their health back to its normal state as it was in the first place.

We see people around, suffering from multiple health issues still, we remain unaware of our health. Nature, may not give us a second chance, my dear friends! We have to understand the importance of our health and staying fit. I firmly believe in the proverb, ‘Precautions Is Better Than Cure’. It’s the truth that applies to everyone.

We, women, are conscious of our physique while we’re in college, at the time of our marriage, or until our honeymoon. But once the honeymoon phase is over, all the fanciness of life comes to an end, and we’re left with the reality of life. All the freedom, carefreeness, and self-awareness cease all at once.

3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The Gym

Our life changes, significantly. Different eating patterns, irregular sleep timings, the stress of adapting to the new environment and sex takes a toll on our health. Which further results in hormonal issues causing weight gain.

In today’s world, when we’re fully occupied. And when there’s hardly any time to maintain our everyday meal timings – joining the gym and turning up regularly is like expecting too much of ourselves. Yes, there are women who exercise daily.

Unlike, a handful of fitness enthusiasts who show up to the gym every single day, I’m one of those who has a tough time getting out of the house. So, to be consistent I exercise at home. You’ll catch up yourself checking off the exercise sessions on your To-Do List, more often, when your workout at home.

Primarily, we are least interested in working out. Then, our crazy mind lays thousands of reasons in front of us to skip exercising each and every day. Beating all these excuses and exercising daily takes high discipline and determination.

So, knowing ourselves better and taking into consideration the various needs of women’s body – I have picked 3 very beneficial exercises. These exercises are ideal for women’s overall health. Bonus, it can be done easily at home, without any equipment.

(P.S. – Consult your doctor before starting these exercises. And, if you’re new to exercising or have never done it before – it’s mandatory to learn the correct alignment and techniques from a reputed fitness center under the supervision of a certified instructor. Later, you can start doing alone at home as you master it.)

Before we get into the 3 Best At-Home Exercise, let’s take a look at the 3 Common Excuses we make to avoid exercising:

a. Lack Of Time:

Like every other thing, exercising regularly and getting fit, requires goal setting and dedication. You’ll need a detailed written plan. As we saw earlier, it takes willpower to achieve a fitness goal and keep going. When planning a workout, make the ‘Why’ as clear as possible. Your ‘Why’ has to be stronger than your excuses.

Select a suitable time. Yes, it can be any time of the day. Except for late in the evenings since it may bother you falling asleep. Avoid exercising straight away after meals. It’s not advisable to exercise on an empty stomach either. A fruit or light snack before exercising is a good alternative.

b. Lack Of Energy:

There are many circumstances that contribute for you to feel unenergetic. Lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, inadequate water intake, shallow breathing, stress, anxiety, thyroid, diabetes, excess weight are common causes, to name some.

One solution to all these issues is to start working out and have a balanced diet. Whatever it may feel like in the beginning, you have to start exercising, to overcome tiredness. You’ll notice a rise in your energy levels right from the first week, I promise.

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c. Lack Of Interest:

There is much more to life than weight loss and slim body. Focusing on weight-loss and getting slim is the main reason many people quit exercising. As it’s demotivating not to see results instantly.

Especially, in the case of hypothyroidism or similar health conditions, it takes a little while to see the results on the weighing scale. Weight-loss not only depends on how much you exercise but many other factors.

You should take into account the other major health benefits of exercising. When you shift your attention to living a disease-free life or to keeping fit as you age, you’ll be likely to make exercising more sincerely. A great shapely physique is going to be a by-product.

Furthermore, keep the exercise routine simple and doable. Instead of following the trends blindly, choose a sort of exercise that you’ll enjoy. By doing so, you are more likely to stick with the exercise routine.

So now let’s take a look at the 3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The Gym:

1. YOGA:

Yoga is a holistic approach more than an exercise. It is vital to harmonize the 3 essential parts of healthy and balanced living – Mind, Body, and Spirituality. Yoga relieves problems such as anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., 30 minutes of regular yoga practice can enhance your energy and stamina levels. It’ll give you a toned yet feminine body.

Yoga improves digestion, blood circulation, muscle tone, flexibility, and general wellbeing. It betters the nutrient-absorption and preserves the range of motion in the joints. Yoga relieves stress, improves concentration, and memory.

3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The GymPhoto by Irina Logra from Pixabay


Cardio is a fat-burning exercise that works out the heart. It strengthens the immune system and prevents fat-deposit in the arteries. Cardio exercise builds endurance and enhances sleep quality.

Being a weight-bearing exercise, it prevents osteoporosis. The most generalized and effective forms of cardio exercise are walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, and dancing. Before starting the cardio exercise, you should see the doctor get your blood pressure monitored. And also, to figure out the intensity and the type of cardio-exercise advisable for you according to your health conditions and fitness levels.

Cardio is great for weight-loss as it helps you to see the results faster than the other two on the list. 30-45 minutes thrice a week is sufficient.

3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The GymPhoto by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Pilates is a low-medium impact – total body exercise, which alike yoga, women of any age can benefit from. There are basically two ways Pilates is performed – a reformer machine workout and mat Pilates.

3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The GymPhoto by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Today, we’re going to talk about the mat Pilates since that’s an easier way to do at home.

Learned right, Pilates can make for a great workout which can check off all the points required, in substitution to a gym strength training session. You can use resistance bands and props, later on, to add intensity as you progress.

Pilates focuses on strengthening abdominal and back muscles while also working on the other parts i.e., your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. It works on core stability which is necessary to carry out day-to-day activities effectively. Pilates exercise improves postural alignments, flexibility, and builds lean muscles. It involves lesser repetitions and controlled movements focusing on the breathing. A good Pilates session should last in between 30-45 minutes, 3 times a week.

3 Best At-Home Exercise For Women Who Hate The GymPhoto by standuppaddle from Pixabay

Both Pilates and Yoga should be paired with Cardio for a wholesome exercise routine.

Final Words:

We keep on looking for ways to lose weight and to keep fit. We read so many articles. Watch other people’s body transformation stories. We get motivated too. But unfortunately, very few people succeed in keeping up. A very common reason is we need a solid basis for exercising to sustain. Examples – to look good on your wedding day, to influence other people, to look great in your outfits, to lead a healthy life, to relieve stress, or as simple as treating a health condition.

Make everything clear on paper. Pick a form of exercise that appeals to you. Plan out an easy-to-follow exercise routine. Carve out a convenient chunk of time. And get going. Take your first step towards building the body of your dream.

In addition to this article, in the coming weeks, I’m going to bring you some easy-to-do exercise routines to help you get started. So stay tuned.

Over to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you What exercise do you find Effective? Thanks for reading.

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