Maharashtrian Style Puri Bhaji [Poori Bhaji Recipe]

Every region in India makes Puri bhaji differently. Even in Maharashtra, there are various ways of making puri bhaji. Masala puri, god puri, Batata paatal bhaji, batata sukhi bhaji, batata-tamata rassa bhaji, and many more. Being Maharashtrian, my husband and I love our native food. If you guys have been here for a while, you […]

How To Meal Plan – In 3 Easy Steps

Well, before you start to wonder if meal planning is for you, let me tell you there’s something for everyone. Does the “What’s for dinner” question stress you out? Do you run out of ingredients when cooking your favorite meal? Whereupon, do you need to rush to the grocery store to buy an ingredient or […]

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