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I am Mansi!

Homemaking and frugal living enthusiast. Former fitness trainer turned full-time homemaker and a blogger. Sharing 13 years of learnings and experiences to help simplify your homemaking life. And lead a happier, healthier, and better life while living frugally.


Simplified homemaking routines and systems. Cleaning, organizing, meal planning tips with a solid dose of motivation to persevere.


Budgeting, living below your means, paying off debt faster. Saving money on groceries and utilities. Pantry essentials and Stockpiling.


Downsizing. Simplifying. Minimal home decor and gift ideas. Less is more.


Selfcare, weight loss, yoga, healthy eating. Skincare, makeup, fashion. Habits, time management, marriage advice.

Reader’s Favorite Blog posts!

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5 Ways To Make Your Home A Haven

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8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

8 Ways To Enjoy Being A Stay At Home Mom/Wife

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“I love your post! I just turned into a homemaker overnight after I lost my job in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. Your words lifted me up at a time i was giving up!.”

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