9 Lifestyle Changes That Let You Feel Rich While Living Frugally

Frugal living never means living cheap. A majority of people fear compromising their quality of life (level of comfort) when thinking of living frugally. In practical terms, you can feel rich while living frugally. While millionaires don’t get rich by splurging on designer labels and lavish cars, frugality is a critical factor that helps them build […]

6 Tips To Build A Frugal Pantry

Meal planning, grocery shopping, building a frugal pantry, prepping, and cooking food always has been part of most households. We have been good at it for ages. Uncommon of today’s advanced facilities, our grandmas did it all by mentally reviewing and memorizing what to cook for the next day. And prepping up for the same. […]

How I Save Money On One Income (With No Kids)

There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means. – Calvin Coolidge Indians are frugal by nature. Right from childhood, we see our parents and other people around, being smart with money. Or should I say insightful about handling money? There are countless ways they try […]

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