9 Habits Of Highly Frugal People

9 Habits OF Highly Frugal People
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Seeking ways to live more frugally? Then you should definitely check out these habits of highly frugal people.

Pursuing a frugal lifestyle is a prudent decision. Frugal living is a trusted path to living a happier and better life.

Coming from a frugal family it is easier for me to put this list together as this has been our lifestyle the entire time. We don’t own fancy things yet our life is fulfilling. We have (and don’t have to make ) time for our family. Nor do we need gourmet restaurants or exclusive vacations to have fun together. Just simple homemade meals are a treat. We never exchange expensive gifts rather we devote time. The idea is to be present to savor the moment.

9 Habits OF Highly Frugal People

You’ve got to hear this before learning frugal habits because you must know frugal living is not that hard. Especially, against all that it takes to earn money. Neither does it feel dull as it may seem if you’re ready to think a little artistic.


1. They live within their means:

While being swayed by the commercials constantly reminding you how the newly launched range of products and services will make your life fancy and convenient, living below your means may look like nonsense.

But what happens when the bills appear to exceed your earnings?

The difference between frugal and normal people is that the thrifty own up to the fact that they don’t have the means for extravagance.

Living below your means simply refers to spending less than what you earn, not living paycheck to paycheck, and not incurring debts to pay your living costs.

Frugal individuals lean more towards saving money and choose economic self-reliance over luxuries and comfort.  They never mind living in a small house or buying marked-down cars. They’re critical about their choice of hotels when traveling — they will go with something cost-effective and overlook lavishness.

2. They don’t shop for fun:

Shopping for fun? Hell no, for a frugal man. Recently released gadgets, trendy outfits, and cosmetics don’t entice frugal people. They neither long to impress others nor do they rely on short-term happiness.

They’re partial to saving money. Frugal folks stay out of stores and have productive hobbies.

If you have been shopping excessively, lately, some smaller steps such as recognizing your shopping triggers, delaying purchases, unsubscribing from shopping sites, keeping monthly track of your spending, or no spend challenges can help control your shopping habit.

3. They strive to avoid food wastage:

Frugal people understand food is the most fluid expense that can be slashed considerably.

First and foremost, they make efforts to cook meals and eat at home. Next, they strive to minimize food waste. They will jazz up leftovers and use everything to the last bit.

My mom never plans meals ahead. She goes to the mart each day and randomly picks seasonal produce, low-priced fish, and meat from the butcher. And makes meals around it. She least prefers to eat leftovers and for that, she deliberately cooks the quantity of food each time.

Even when eating out a frugal person would pick something filling and dirt cheap.

4. They build emergency funds:

In simple words, an emergency fund aka a rainy-day fund is an amount of money reserved to be used in times of financial crisis.

Frugal people prioritize building emergency funds to take care of themselves and their families in case of a pay cut, sudden job loss, health concerns, inevitable home repairs, unexpected bills, and others.

It’s a crucial decision to ensure that your basic needs are met during financial turmoil.

5. They’re smart to choose between repair or replace:

Frugal people take a good call in making decisions about whether to repair or replace.

They compare the present value of the product, considering —- the value of purchase, service life, and efficiency — with the repair costs, to decide whether to repair or replace it.

Of course, it is advisable to repair when the cost of repairs is lower than the value of the product and vice versa.

6. They live low-tech:

The smart tech developed to make our lives easier, reportedly, seems to complicate the same through commercialism.

Frugal individuals don’t fall prey to such things though. They’re calm and collected.

While technophiles cannot resist the impulse to upgrade the latest gizmos, frugal folks do get their job done with the 5-year older version of the phone/computer if it is in good working condition.

7. They look for price negotiations:

They do marketing analysis before making any purchase. That means they do comparison shopping; check out product overviews (brand, model, specifications), and check costs online. In addition to this, they don’t mind waiting for days or months to buy an item. They will just go over searching for a good deal across the city.

As for buying something, they are patient no matter how badly they want it they’ll make sure that the purchase doesn’t hinder their budget.

8. They do not go with the brand names:

Famous brands? Well, you can’t get a critical eye frugal to pay for a name. This means they would never buy a $10 t-shirt for the price of $50 only to have a big brand logo printed on it.

They’ll prize each penny and every single purchase. They’ll do their math and pick something economical plus sustainable.

9. They’re smart with their bulk purchases:

A frugal man knows exactly what can be hoarded and what cannot, depending on the shelf-life. Still, they know a lot of items can be saved for longer with appropriate storage techniques.

Frugal people stockpile to anticipate a rainy day. They understand the last-minute supermarket run, most of the time can put a strain on their wallet.

Final words:

By building these habits of highly frugal people, you can too lower your stress, attain financial freedom, and become self-sufficient and disaster-proof.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy the art of frugal living!

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