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6 Reasons You Should Start Cooking From Scratch Today

by Mansi

Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love -Ina Garten.

It is convenient to order a take-out yet the benefits of cooking from scratch are incredible. I think everyone should acquire at least the basic skills of cooking.

Honestly, I have struggled a lot in this area. I want to say if I could do this, you can do it too.

Here is a brief story

My mom made every meal from scratch but I never realized the importance of home-cooked food.

After marriage, my husband and I ate out most of the time. Since I hated being in the kitchen cutting veggies, kneading the dough, making gravies, etc., Instead, I liked watching TV or surfing the internet.

A few months later, we started noticing the adverse effects of junk food. There was weight gain, irritability, hormonal issues and low immunity (frequent cold-cough-flu).

We were spending twice, firstly on the restaurant/packaged food, and then the medical bills. Things were getting worse day by day.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

At this point, I decided to change our lifestyle. I took cooking seriously, I learned from my mom how she cooks from scratch and followed her.

As I learned to cook, I developed a passion for it. And today, I wish to be remembered for my simple and delicious recipes.

Here are some of the Reasons You Should Start Cooking from Scratch Today:

1. It’s great for your family’s health:

Have you noticed the unwanted effects of eat-out or processed food? It is often followed by crankiness, bloating, water retention, sleeplessness, etc. These are the only short term effects, it harms in the long run as well by affecting your weight and health.

But when you cook at home, you are in total control of what goes onto your family’s plates.

You can make healthier choices like homemade chicken or vegetable stock over store-bought cubes, lemon juice over vinegar, rice flour over cornstarch, fresh tomatoes over store-bought sauces, freshly marinated meat over the packaged ones frozen for days.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

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2. It saves money:

In both ways  on your grocery bills and the medical bills (as I mentioned above).

You can make delicious healthful dishes for so much less price compared to the convenience food which is full of preservatives, high sodium, sugar, and fats.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

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3. You can alter the recipes:

You can get creative and rework the recipes to suit your family’s taste preferences.

Example: For a simple chicken gravy recipe – some people prefer to have less spicy, some may like it spicier, some like it to be a little sweet and others salty, health-conscious people like to prepare it with less oil, foodies may want to add more butter or oil, etc.

With ready to eat options or restaurant food, there’s just a standard taste option which you may not have the choice to alter. But these changes can be made while cooking at home.

4. It’s always great to be an independent person:

It feels so great when you don’t have to rely on anyone to fulfill your family’s hunger and taste. Also, to know that your family loves what you cook more than restaurant/convenience food.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

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5. You start valuing food and avoid wastage:

You start valuing the food since you’re aware of how much each item from the recipe cost and the efforts did you put in preparing the food.

Wastage can also be avoided by adjusting the quantity as per the requirements.

6. Home-cooked food is hygienic:

You can make a quick one-pot meal under the time, the restaurant delivers the food to your place (as it takes them a minimum of 30 minutes).

Additionally, you cannot promise the quality of the food delivered. Whereas at home proper hygiene is ensured.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

Here are some ways to make cooking from scratch easier for you:

1. Keep 2-3 quick and easy meal recipes handy for the hectic days or when you don’t have time for detailed cooking.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

2. Stock up on the ingredients required for the recipes that work well at your place.

3. Learn the importance of meal planning and prep up. Create a meal plan for the week beforehand.

The night before – put all the ingredients needed for cooking in one basket, make the ginger-garlic paste, cut the veggies, soak beans/cereals, marinate the meat, boil the potatoes/beans keep them in the refrigerator.

This will help in cutting the cooking time in half after a long day from work.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

4. If you are unfamiliar with cooking, learn about the food items and its preparations at first. In the beginning, learn 3-4 recipes, try to master them and then move on.

5. Gather recipes that you like from your mom, aunties, grandma, friends. Make a journal of those recipes for you to follow and pass on to your children when they grow up.

6. Have some fresh juice or a light snack before getting started to keep calm while cooking.

7. Start in a clean kitchen for a relaxed state of mind.6 REASONS YOU SHOULD START COOKING FROM SCRATCH TODAY

8. Have some disposable plates and cups handy for when you’ve had a hard day and cannot clean after cooking. This will avoid the last minute order from the restaurant only because you don’t feel like cleaning after meals.

Cook and serve with love, and trust me your family will enjoy it. There’s immense contentment in cooking the food for your loved ones, with your own creativity and efforts. What another great way can be to take care of your family?

Thanks for reading. Why do you think it’s important to cook from scratch? Let me know in the comments below.


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