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5 Super Simple Ways To Make Dishwashing Fun

by Mansi

Hand dishwashing is the least favorite task for many people. But there are certain ways to make it fun.

No matter how much you dislike a chore, it’s always great, to take charge of your own housework.  Take pleasure in doing things, for your loved ones, without expecting someone else to do the cleaning for you.5 SUPER SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE DISHWASHING FUN

No one (hired domestic helpers) will do the cleaning, as you would do, for your family (with a sense of responsibility and care).

Initially, it might seem to be a daunting task but eventually, you’ll have an easy time of it.

1. The Quick Wash Method:

The grease and food particles remaining in the dishes lose moisture when left unsoaked.  And these dried up dishes, pots/pans, take lots of elbow grease and time.

We, generally tend to procrastinate on activities that take time and efforts, resulting in piling of the dishes.

That’s when my very own “The Quick Wash method” helps to prevent the situation.

It’s pretty much easy – after having lunch/dinner either you’ll wash the dishes right away; if you want to do it later – you’ll give all the dishes, pots/pans a quick wash with a soapy scrub pad. Dip them in water.  And, stack them for cleaning later.5 SUPER SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE DISHWASHING FUN

That way you’ll feel motivated at the actual time of cleaning because now you know it just needs a final rinse and you’re done.

This is an alternative to the soaking method. Since soaking leaves an odor and it’s off-putting to tackle the sink full of dirty dishes after a long day or first thing in the morning.

2. Add baking soda to dishwashing detergent liquid/Bar:

Add some baking soda to cleaning product and see the magic. Be it ceramic/glass dishes or stainless steel cookware, it’ll make cleaning a breeze.

No elbow grease needed and in no time you’ll have spotless squeaky clean dishes ready to use.5 SUPER SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE DISHWASHING FUN

3. Use fewer utensils throughout the day:

Example -Take one cup and use it for the whole day. You don’t need different cups every time you want to drink water. Also, while cooking, start ahead of your time to be mindful & use fewer utensils.

Because if you’ve noticed we tend to use lots of bowls, cups, and plates when cooking in a hurry. The lesser the items to clean, the more likely it is to be done.

4. Do the dishes twice a day:

That way you won’t feel the pressure to do a large stack of dishes all at once.

5. Put some peppy music or enjoy quiet time doing it:

Some people like to enjoy music while doing the dishes. And, if you’re someone like me, you’ll appreciate quiet time doing it with full attention to get it done faster and cleaner.5 SUPER SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE DISHWASHING FUN


Additional Tip:

Make it a habit to clean the stove, surfaces and sink every time after doing the dishes, to experience a clean kitchen area at any time you/someone else enters the kitchen.5 SUPER SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE DISHWASHING FUN

Once you build these habits, you’ll feel uncomfortable with the messy kitchen sink leaning towards cleaning it as soon as possible. Thank you for reading and please share with me your dishwashing tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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