5 Beauty Essentials Every Stay-At-Home Mom Needs In Her Bag

5 Beauty Essentials Every Stay-At-Home Mom Needs In Her Bag
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In today’s action-packed life, if nothing else, keeping these 5 beauty essentials in your bag will make your life so much easier and better. With this list of beauty products, you’re sure to pull the look together in a jiffy.

A stay-at-home life, with or without kids, can be pretty dreadful. Pretty much everyone will witness those bad hair days, dry skin on the face, dehydrated hands, or a tiresome face. In whatever way you try, those salon visits on your list are hardly checked off.

Cheer up, these few things will help you look fairly elegant.

Also, with holidays around, this list can be helpful to pick a gift for your friends, that is nice and affordable.

So, let’s begin:


Tinted moisturizer:

No amount of makeup can beat well-hydrated and even skin. In spite of the fact that a healthy complexion requires more than a good skincare routine. It needs care as to eating a healthy balanced diet, adequate water consumption, good night’s sleep, an active lifestyle, and more. In today’s time, we are favored with a holy grail product like a tinted moisturizer.

It is a ONE-STEP makeup base for that radiant natural glow. It is just your daily moisturizer with a slight tint of color in it. It assists cover minor blemishes, spots, or redness. And lets you enjoy the perks of an even complexion. A tinted moisturizer can even help transition day-to-night makeup (using a pressed powder & some highlighter). The application doesn’t require brushes or blenders, it is easier to apply with fingers. A tinted moisturizer is not only budget-friendly but the formula is lightweight and blends into the skin smoothly.

As a busy mom, you certainly need this product in your bag to look a bit polished in the daily rush.

Red lipstick:

Whether you’re a warm skin tone, cool, or neutral, having your red with you can be lifesaving. Yes, you read it right! Again a one-step makeup.

Wondering if you can wear red every day? Hell yes, if you pick the right formula and texture! Red lip color can come in a variety of forms — from lip glosses to tints to stains to liquids to mattes, and the classic red lipstick. I find the classic red lipstick call for a few additional steps like prepping the lips (exfoliating, applying a lip balm, concealing) but the other forms of red colors on the list here are easier to go with. For me, it’s lip stains. Just one or two swipes and you’re ready to go.

I highly recommend finding the perfect red lip color, particularly for my fellow stay-at-home mommies/wives, it’ll lift up your spirit.

Glasses or shades:

Yes, a pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses to hide the dark circles around the eyes. If you have no time for the frills — simply put on your glasses or shades. They will do the trick.

No more priming your face, concealing the dark area around the eyes, putting eyeshadows, highlighters, and all. Just one plain solution. But don’t forget your red lipstick. You need it when wearing glasses to create a balance. You don’t want your bare lips to make you look pale — because your eyes are drawing attention.

A cap/headband/dry shampoo:

Bad hair day? The simpler way out the better! You skip shampooing your hair in a hurry for the third time in a row. And now they look greasy, frizzy, awful. It happens.

One trick that can work a little is to spray some water all over your hair and dry them with a hairdryer in a cold setting. Another way is to backcomb your hair and pull them in a ponytail, topknot, or no-sweat messy bun. The third trick is to wear a headband for a classy look. But if your hair is frizzy enough for these styles then a cap can come useful.

At last, if nothing helps, dry shampoo can be a good bet. I don’t really recommend store-bought dry shampoos for their negative effects on hair and health. You can try making them using safe ingredients at home.

Hand cream:

Our hands — the excessively used yet equally uncared-for part of the body. Hard reality about us, homemakers. Ever imagined how much we use our hands all day? After this whole matter of handwashing tradition, the poor skin on the hands undoubtedly loses moisture and becomes dry, dull, and dehydrated.

I, assuredly, forget to care for them. Then feel awkward in a bunch of folks. I used to dislike my hands for being worn out or shabby. But then I came to realize they endure immense throughout the day. Instead of acting unkind, they’re worth warmth and care.

Investing in a good hand cream is an essential need.

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There you have my list of 5 beauty essentials that can help you look your best at any time. Whether you have time or not.

Be sure to share your list of beauty essentials that you cannot do without, and that help you look polished in no time. Thank you so much for reading. Always look your best!

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