Simple Beauty Tips To Glam Up Your Look This Diwali

Simple Beauty Tips To Glam Up Your Look This Diwali
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After Navratris, it’s time for Diwali celebrations! Truly, these festive months are so joyful! Along with home cleaning, decorating, sweets and puja preparations – getting all dolled up shouldn’t be least of a priority.

So, girls, let’s not miss any opportunity to woo your man with a desi look. Today, I have for you these simple tips to glam up your look this Diwali in the least amount of time:


Keeping in tune with the traditional vibes, why not start with the good old skincare technique? – Ubtan. Our traditional recipes work wonders. Ubtan is an ancient recipe – with minor changes in the ingredients, works for all types of skin.

I call Ubtan a one-step facial because it cleanses, exfoliates, can be used as a face pack and also for facial hair removal. I had a friend in college, who never used soap or cleanser for bathing. She only used ubtan and believe me she had healthy and fair skin.

To use ubtan as a Scrub – first, apply it as a face pack. Then, while removing it, scrub in a circular motion and rinse with water. For better results, apply ubtan two-three times a week.

Coconut Milk Hair Mask:

My grandma swears by this recipe. It is an incredible solution to numerous hair problems. Coconut milk can cure hair-fall, prevent premature greying, overcome itchy scalp, tame frizzy hair, deeply moisturize dry hair and give a soft silky texture.

Having smooth and silky hair will enable you to style them super quick in the festive times. Apply this hair mask and leave it for an hour before shampooing. Once or twice a week is advisable.

Simple Beauty Tips To Glam Up Your Look This DiwaliPhoto by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Milk and rose petal Soak for hands and feet:

Diwali is all about jewelry and traditional wear which means hands and feet will be visible. Therefore, they need appropriate nourishment.

Milk and rose petal soak is the simplest and again one-step way to soften the cuticles and brighten up the skin. Once a week is adequate.


How can an Indian ethnic look be complete without Henna/mehndi on hands? The gem of Indian beauty, henna/mehndi can really make for an impactful element of your appearance.


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It’s the time to jazz up your look with some makeup. Taking into account the general rule of thumb – Light makeup with slightly heavy ethnic wear and vice versa, a complimenting makeup can add charms to your appearance. Light makeup does not mean something like No-makeup or simple makeup. It means, keeping the colors and intensity in harmony with the outfit to avoid looking overdone.


You’ll need a primer if you’re going to run around attending the guests, cooking food, or performing pujas. Because chances are you’ll sweat. A primer will ensure that your eye makeup doesn’t smudge, your foundation doesn’t appear patchy or your concealer doesn’t settle into the fine lines. It absorbs natural oils from the skin and gives your foundation something to stick to, for a longer time.

Simple Beauty Tips To Glam Up Your Look This DiwaliPhoto by Rafi Ahmed Haven from Pexels

Illuminating serum:

This is a must-have product for a festive look. Mixing a tiny amount of illuminating serum with your foundation will add a healthy glow to the face. Combining it with the foundation avoids an additional step of blending separately.

Contours And Highlights:

Yes, slight contouring and highlighting will sculpt your face. It’ll take your makeup to the next level and help you photograph really well.

Bold Lipsticks:

Time to put all the neutral and nude lipsticks aside and flaunt bold lips. Reds, peaches, pinks, berries, wines, burgundies, fuschias., just go for it and make your outfit stand out.

Nail Art:

This Diwali, dress your nails in traditional hues. Colors like maroon, peacock green or blue, royal pink and yellow would look great with Indian outfits.

Simple Beauty Tips To Glam Up Your Look This DiwaliPhoto by Hemant Singh on Unsplash


Designer earrings, bangles, maang tika, anklets, toe-rings, hair accessories, bindis, sindoor., wear everything. It’s Diwali! It should be all conventional, bling and girly!

Final Words:

Spending hours at the salons or on lengthy DIY beauty treatments during this busiest time, isn’t realistic, always. I’m sure these simple and quick beauty tips will help you glam up your look this Diwali. Would you like to add some tips and tricks? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading! Wish You A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali! Also, let’s be friends on Instagram. I would love you to know you in person!

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