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Super Simple Skincare Routine For Busy Women

by Mansi

Do you want to enhance your beauty with less makeup? – Good skin care is a way to go.

Spending a little time on a good skincare routine will keep you looking bright, fresh, and glowy all the time. Unlike makeup which lasts just for a few hours since you cannot be in makeup 24/7.

A good skin care routine will keep the complexion in great shape even while aging. With clean and clear complexion you’ll need less makeup.

It is important to start doing a little bit for your skin at an early age to maintain smooth and supple complexion. Neglecting the skin can cause issues such as pimples, acne, blackheads, pigmentation, dry skin which can take time to cure.Super Simple Skincare Routine For Busy Women

Many people see the results immediately after starting a routine; Others may take some time.

Once you start following the skincare routine you’ll notice an improvement in your skin day by day.

(Note: I am not a skincare expert. This is a simple routine that has worked for me and my family. It would be great to consult your dermatologist before starting any skin care routine to know what steps and products suits your skin.)SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN

This is a basic routine which anyone with normal/oily/combination or dry skin can follow.

People with sensitive skin should follow the advice of your dermatologist.


1) Cleansing:

a) Remove the eye-makeup using a good quality makeup remover and cotton ball.

Take some remover on a cotton ball and hold it gently over the closed eyelashes for a few seconds; wait for the mascara to dissolve and then wipe it off. Use a cotton swab (q-tip) to clean thoroughly.

This step is required only if you’ve applied an eye-makeup. Otherwise, start the routine from step (b).

b) Apply cleansing lotion to the face and massage for a couple of minutes until the makeup breaks down. Wipe off with a cotton pad, damp sponge or even better – using tissues/baby wipes.

After this, cleanse your face, with a mild facial wash.

Follow step (b) even when you’ve not applied any makeup to remove the oil, dirt, and grime. This step is essential for deep cleansing (aka double cleansing).SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN

2) Toning:

Take some toner on a cotton pad, apply it to the face wiping off any residue left behind after cleansing.

Use an alcohol-free toner for normal or combination skin, an astringent lotion if you have extremely oily skin. People with dry skin can skip this step.

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3) Moisturizing:

Apply moisturizing lotion on your face in upward strokes, covering the neck area as well.

A moisturizer that dries to a matte finish or a gel-based one will be a good pick for oily skin. Dry skin people can use day cream for deep moisturization.

Moisturize at least 15-20 minutes before applying the makeup to ensure that the product sinks well into the skin.

Moisturizing at night is essential to experience a well hydrated, soft, and smooth skin the next morning.SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN

4) Eye-Cream:

Choose a good eye cream or gel, apply it gently under the eye area. Include this step in your night skincare routine.

You can start using an eye cream from the late 20s to prevent wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

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5) Lip Balm:

Exfoliate the lips after washing your face every day.

You can use a washcloth to gently scrub off the dead skin from the lips. And apply a good lip balm.

If you have pigmented lips, use a mix of almond oil and vitamin E oil and apply it on the lips regularly to get rid of pigmentation.SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN


6) Exfoliating:

Take a fine granule gentle exfoliator, dot it on a damp face, and scrub in a light circular motion.

Do this at least once a week. This step is vital to remove the dead skin layer from the face, necessary for a clear and brighter complexion.

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7) Face Masks:

Choose face mask according to your skin type – moisturizing masks for dry skin; clay/mud packs for oily skin.

Cleanse the face (follow step 1).

Apply the face mask, leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Or follow the instructions on the product.

Pat dry and apply moisturizer or night cream (if it is night time) immediately on a damp face to maximize the results.

Follow this step 1-2 times a month if you’re under 30 and weekly for 30+ women.SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN

Final Words

The CTM routine (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing) should be followed twice a day.

Along with a good skincare routinea balanced diet, proper water intake, enough sleep, regular exercise, and a stressfree lifestyle is important for better skin.SUPER SIMPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR BUSY WOMEN

A daily Skincare routine is a great investment for lifetime results. Practicing these steps regularly will ensure a healthy complexion.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips are helpful. What routine do you follow for your skin?


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