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8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods

by Mansi

I understood that menstruation – the indication that you’re a real woman – stopped if you grew weak from illness – Aya Kito

Periods can be annoying, mainly if you’re experiencing cramps, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, heavy flow, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.,7 SUREFIRE WAYS TO MAKE YOUR PERIODS COMFORTABLE

The state of your health entirely depends on your lifestyle. Hence period-related issues are the results of unhealthy habits, stress levels, physical and mental health conditions, etc.,

Practicing healthy habits is essential to overcome period problems.

PMS and painful periods affect the normal functioning of day to day life – it disrupts your effectiveness in daily activities; the irritability also causes stress in relationships.

The signs of PMS are seen immediately after the ovulation. So that means, the further 10 or 12 days, you’ll be low on productivity. If you’re tired of all the aches, pains and discomforts. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your work and life. And, if you really want to stop getting the “are you on your period?” question from your husband/boyfriend; you need to get going and start practicing some self-care tips to make your period time better. And also, follow the steps required to overcome PMS, cramps and irregular menstrual cycle to lead a happy life.

There are two ways to practice these self-care tips:

  • One, you need to incorporate exercising, healthy eating, sound sleep, and meditation in your everyday life. You’ve got to make these things habitual.
  • Two, follow all the other steps during your periods to pamper yourself.

So, without any delay, let’s look at some of the tried and tested self-care tips to make your period comfortable:

1. Exercise/Yoga

It’s important to include some kind of exercise into your lifestyle. Choose (cardio/strength training/yoga/pilates) any form that you’re comfortable with.

Yoga/Sun Salutations is a great option; it reduces the intensity of PMS and cramps and regulates the menstrual cycle.

Yoga also increases mindfulness towards eating healthy which brings me to the next point.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods


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2. Eat Healthy Food

Start your day with some fruits or nuts along with a nutritious breakfast.

Avoid junk food such as aerated drinks, packaged juices, processed food as it worsens PMS and causes painful menstruation.

Include fresh fruits, vegetables, multi-grains, cereals, nuts, seeds into your diet. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods
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3. Get Good Rest

Getting enough sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy balance of hormones. Avoid physically or mentally strenuous activities on the days of heavy flow.

I suggest avoiding exercise as well. A 10-15 mins normal walk or low-moderate activities should be sufficient.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods

4. Meditation/Deep breathing

Meditate to relax the body and mind.

If there’s insufficient time to meditate, do some deep breathing; it soothes the nervous system, improves mood and overcomes irritability to a great extent.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods

5. Use comfy sanitary products

Try maxis/ultra large sanitary pads for a heavier flow, dry covers XXL/XXXL wings for nights to prevent staining. Panty liners for lighter flow.

Also, be sure to change and freshen up every 4-5 hours. (Note: I disfavor tampons/other products so there’s no mention about it. You can definitely go ahead with the products you love)

6. Pamper Yourself

Take a relaxing foot massage or get your nails done. Dress up, put some makeup, do your hair. Divert your mind towards hair, beauty, makeup to feel nice about yourself. When you look good you feel good.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods


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7. Spend some quality time with your loved ones

Ask your husband/boyfriend to arrange a date night. Watch a favorite movie, meet your friends, have some cuddle time with your pet, have fun to keep your mind off the period thing.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods

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8. Wear comfy clothes:

Wearing comfortable clothes makes a lot of difference in how you feel. Avoid wearing fitted clothes especially tight fitted jeans, trousers, belts, and also high heels. In fact, wear some warm-loose clothes with comfy flat footwear for a cozy feeling.8 Self-Care Tips For Comfortable Periods

Bonus Tip:

Furthermore, a warm water bath – hot water bag eases the cramps. Make sure to pee and empty the bowels on time since holding on can aggravate the cramps.

Following these steps will make a lot of difference to the period-related issues and will help make your period time comfortable. We should work on making things better for us and really honor this beautiful part of our womanhood.

Thank you for reading.  Please let me know which of these tips do you find useful? And What do you do to make your periods comfortable?

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