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10 Secrets To A Successful Marriage

by Mansi

Always Strive To Give Your Spouse The Very Best Of Yourself Not What’s Left Over After You Gave Your Best To Everyone Else – Dave Willis

True happiness, peace, and content are felt when your married life is in good shape. Marriage is a treasure worth striving for. You can move the world when you have your adored spouse in your life. The love between the couples makes the home a heaven on earth.10 Secrets To A Successful Marriage

Just Like any other marriage, my marriage came with a fair share of ups and downs in the initial stage (for a couple of years). We went through the ugliest time of life with the finances, health, lifestyle issues, etc. But God’s blessings and love kept us tied together growing into oneness. And today in this 11th year of marriage I can’t thank god enough for the precious husband that he gave me and for this blissful marriage.

Today I’m sharing some of the secrets to a successful marriage:

1) Understand Each other’s Perspective:

The misconception is the main cause of a stressful marriage.

To share a great bond, you need to understand your partner’s perspective so well, that you should be able to explain his or her viewpoint to a third person.

If you think there’s something wrong with your relationship then you may want to check your own thoughts first.

Put yourself in his or her shoes and think about what could you have done in the same situation. Try to look at the situation from a third person’s point of view for better understanding. Be realistic while doing so.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

2) Kill the Ego:

For any marriage to survive, you have to get rid of the ego. Know that love is all about giving what you’ve got and not expecting.

Give attention to his or her physical and emotional needs. And then, make every effort to fulfill it.

Focus on your spouse’s interests (likes and dislikes). Support each other. Take pride in each other’s accomplishments.

This is possible only when you love unconditionally which brings me to the next point.

3) Love Unconditionally:

Loving your spouse unconditionally will ensure forgiveness, care, and respect which are the key ingredients of a successful marriage. Truly accept each other with all the good things and also imperfections. Focus only on your partner’s good qualities. Let there be only love in it’s purest form.

Find ways to show your love through different gestures – cook his favorite meal, have food together, share the housework, take care in illness, celebrate every little moment, be grateful for each other, make decisions about the children’s future unitedly. Try to do everything willingly.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

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4) Pray Together:

And pray for each other. This is necessary to create a spiritual bond between you two.

The best thing you can do for your spouse and your marriage is to have god and his blessings into your marriage.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

5) Have some “WE” Time:

Take some time to share things and really listen to each other.

Find pleasure in every little thing when you’re with her or him. Even if it is just having breakfast together, find ways to make it special as possible.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

Remove all the distractions (TV/Mobile phone/laptop), Put the kids to sleep and have some cuddle time where you don’t have to say or listen anything, you just have to be with each other living every moment of it to the fullest.

6) Assist Each other:

Be generous and assist your partner even before he or she asks for. Each day, there’s something you can do to help them.

Find ways to make their job easier. This will show that your care. Be there for your spouse in the ups and downs.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

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7) Date Him/Her:

Date your spouse irrespective of your age, schedules, kids, finances, etc. Even a short coffee break at a nearby restaurant will refresh and rejuvenate you both.

Plan and arrange a date, dress up for him, be his girlfriend, forget about everything else and enjoy your time.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

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8) Keep Other People Out Of Your Marriage:

Be it your kids, parents, friends, keep them out of your marriage.

Your spouse should be your Top Priority. Your marriage is your own personal space.

No one deserves to get in the way of your personal business (conflicts/financial issues, etc).

Also, you should be capable enough of solving your own issues between you two.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

9) Sex/Love Making:

Have sex regularly to really connect with each other. Because this physical relationship creates a spiritual connection and a sense of belonging between the couples.

Occasionally, make efforts to spice things up – fancy lingerie, romantic room decor, soft music can help prevent boredom.

10) Don’t Compare Your Marriage To Others:

Instead, learn from others.

Study the traits of people with a successful marriage. What is it that made their marriage better? Observe and learn from them.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

The same way, learn from the couples whose marriage didn’t work – what exactly created the issues between them? Avoid committing the same mistakes in your marriage.

Bonus Tip:

Practice Self-care:

Today’s unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of irritability, anxiety, unclear thinking which leads to an unhappy marriage. Try to include 10 minutes of meditation or deep breathing exercise in your lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep. This is so important for a healthy mind and body, and therefore for mental clarity and happiness.10 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

The list is endless. There’s so much you can do to make your marriage successful. It takes a lot of nurturing and hard work to make the ordinary relationship an extraordinary marriage.

Following these tips will strengthen your marriage.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this article is useful. And please let me know your secrets to a successful marriage in the comment section below.


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