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11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Home

by Mansi

Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. There’s more to life than decorating. —Albert Hadley

Home decorating need not be rich people’s cup of tea. There are decor ideas for every budget.

Using frugal ways also can make, an ordinary home, look beautiful. It’s just that some areas do need more attention than we think.

Here’s an example: How would I look, if I didn’t bath for a week, and wore a ton of high-end makeup and accessories? Do you think I’d look good? Obviously no, because bathing is more important than wearing makeup and accessories. No makeup or accessories will make me look good if I am sweaty, smelly and grimy. Gross, right?

The same idea applies to home decorating as well. You have to get the basics right prior to spending your well-earned money.

So, before you buy more decor items, read this article. I am sure it’ll save you some money.

Here are some inexpensive ways to beautify your home:

1. Declutter:

First things first, start by removing all the unwanted items from your house. Our eyes love to see fewer objects than decorative ones. Get rid of all the unnecessary things to give your house an uncluttered look.

A house with minimal decor is more appealing than the crowded one. This is crucial to lead a peaceful life as well. So, declutter everything ruthlessly.11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Home

2. Organize:

Tyding is the first step to a beautiful home. Create an organizing system for your home.

You can use store-bought containers/baskets or DIY organizers whatever you like but make sure that everything has a proper place.

Try to keep these containers inside the cabinets and shelves. In other words, hide everything for an orderly look.

3. Clean:

A messy home is unpleasing no matter how big or fancier it is. Dusting, wiping down and mopping from time to time is necessary. When clean, even a tiny-normal house, feel joyful.

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4. Lights:

Open the windows during the daytime to let the sunlight in. See to it, that all the lamps and light fixtures are dust-free to improve brightness. Good lightings make the house appear big, clean and attractive.

11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your HomePhoto by Free-Photos from Pixabay

5. Fresh air:

Give your home a pleasant feel with fresh air. Cool breezes really refresh the mood. It eliminates the odor from the kitchen, the smell of the cleaning products, the smell of the toxic insect repellents, etc.,

11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Home
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

6. Functional furniture:

There are so many multipurpose pieces of furniture available these days. Look for some great ideas online. Functional furniture will help you to get more space to utilize.

When planning the interior of the house, remember that you’ve paid a big amount for each sqft. Therefore, you should get the benefit of every nook and corner of the house. Only having a lot of stuff is not enough. Every space should serve you to the optimal.

7. Small details:

Pay attention to the small details to improve the big picture. Limit the decor items to 2-3 and notice the difference. Keep only meaningful items on the refrigerator door, walls, kitchen surfaces, nightstands, dining and coffee tables.

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8. Simple changes:

Use separate sets of curtains, pillow covers, bed sets, vases, rugs, etc., to give your home a seasonal lift.

For instance:

  • Floral prints, bright colors, cotton or lightweight fabrics for springs and summers.
  • Solid prints, red/wine/teal/turquoise colored warm fabrics for falls and winters.

These will set the right mood for the season.

9. Plants:

Plants have a positive aura. They add life to your place. They soothe the mind and create a peaceful ambiance.

One thing to confirm, when buying plants, is that they don’t attract mosquitos (This is more of a concern in India). You need to keep the water from accumulating to avoid insects.

11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your HomePhoto by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

10. Candles:

Candles serve as a dual purpose item. One, it gives a warmer feel to the home. And second, its scents have calming results. It adds to the environment of a delightful evening.

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11. Flowers:

Flowers are instant mood enhancers. I highly recommend having as a minimum one vase of fresh flowers in each room. Artificial flowers don’t have that positive impact. So, buy some fresh flowers and be ready to experience the cheerfulness.

11 Inexpensive Ways To Beautify Your Home
Photo by Buenosia Carol from Pexels

Final Words:

From all the above tips, only 4 or 5 will cost you money. Rest all are free of charge. I am not against buying expensive room decor. It’s just that, I noticed this change in my thinking, after becoming a minimalist. I follow these steps to make my home presentable.

These tips are for people looking to decorate on a budget. Home decor is all about personal preferences. So, pick what suits you. Following these steps will make your house look beautiful for sure.

Thanks for reading and let me know? What inexpensive ways do you use to beautify your home?

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Suktara April 11, 2019 - 8:55 am

Lovely post. I am completely agree with the idea of decluttering and letting some fresh air in.

Mansi April 11, 2019 - 9:16 am

Thank you so much! I’m glad that you liked it!

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