10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

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Stuck at home and casting around for some quarantine beauty tips? Or want to ditch the makeup and go fresh-faced for a while? Then this post is for you.

Not all women like to wear full-face makeup at home. I don’t like it either.

Home is a place to be ourselves. And not get caught up in one more job of putting the makeup. Also, in a stressful state like so, doing a full face of makeup daily won’t be enjoyable especially when you know you won’t be stepping out.

That’s a small part about makeup. But what about the other beauty treatments that you get done in a salon?

10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

You need to have some sort of beauty regimen in place, in order to look and feel confident naturally, without salon treatments or makeup. Particularly in a lockdown situation like this, when beauty salons or at-home salon services aren’t accessible. You need to make a move before things become unmanageable.

 In here, we’ll see how to look beautiful without professional salon beauty treatments. And consider not only facial beauty but appearance in general.

10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

Radiant skin:

Build an effective skincare routine. In order to have good skin, you should create a good morning and nightly skincare regimen. Wash your face twice daily. Preferably, once in the morning upon waking and second at night before going to bed. A clean, clear complexion is more important than anything to look good without makeup. Check out the detailed step-by-step guide to establish a good skincare routine.

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This doesn’t stop here. To look great without makeup you have to care for your body as well. Shower daily to cleanse, pamper, and polish your skin. Clean clothes should go next to clean skin.

Soft and shiny locks:

Keep your hair smelling fresh by shampooing them regularly. Letting them air-dry. Applying a leave-in conditioner. Brushing twice a day.

Don’t forget to take a break from heat-styling tools.

In the case of overgrown hair, try to style them in different braids or bun, a great way to explore new looks.

Body Care:

If you aren’t exfoliating your skin regularly then you’re missing out on an important skincare factor. Get rid of the dead skin by exfoliating your face, lips, arms, and feet, from time to time. Scrubbing the skin removes the dead skin layer and stimulates blood supply leaving the skin soft and healthy.

In case you are still unfamiliar with the pros of shaving your arms and legs then you’re losing on an important favor of having silky, smooth skin in the comfort of your home. Be sure to do some research and get yourself a good razor and creamy, moisturizing shaving gel or a soap bar.

Moisturizing matters:

Moisturize your face appropriately. Care for the skin around the eyes. Apply a moisturizer right after the shower to let the moisturizing cream finely absorb into the warm, damp skin to lock extra moisture.

Apply a rich and creamy lotion to hands to soothe them from all the drying effects of frequent handwashing. Soften the dry, cracked feet by putting a generous amount of foot cream all over the feet and pulling on a pair of socks.

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Shipshape eyebrows:

Eyebrows frame your face. Well-groomed eyebrows can instantly make you look beautiful without makeup more than 60% of the time.

First, decide on the thickness of your eyebrows. Do you want to grow them thicker? Applying castor or coconut oil or a mixture of both, in a circular motion for a minute daily, can help promote hair growth.

Understand the shape of your eyebrows before you start to carve them. If it’s been long and your eyebrows are grown out, then don’t overplay. Just follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. And, start small by removing the extra hair only.

To shape your eyebrows at home, you need a plucker/tweezer to pluck the hair, thread to remove hair, spoolie to brush your eyebrows, and small pair of scissors to trim longer grown hair.

Undress nails:

Nail art or expensive nail lacquer shall not be required all the while. In fact, the well-trimmed and clean nails (yes, without paint) look more classy. Needless to say, bare nails are trending currently.

Instead of having broken, chipped, or uneven nails you can always opt for going bare. For that, you may need a nail buffer, emery board, or nail filer to keep them in a polished shape.

Foot file:

Feet pamper session, once in a month, will promote blood circulation, soften the skin, and improve the appearance. A foot filer can do a whole lotta job of a pedicure. Read my complete article on  Super Easy Manicure Pedicure Tips For Beautiful Hands Feet here.

Au Naturale Makeup:

You can check out our 5 Minute Makeup Routine and No Makeup Makeup Look For Busy Women articles to learn more.

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Smell pleasant:

Perfumes not only lift up your spirit but they calm and soothe your mind. They work as a stress-reliever. And, make you feel attractive and lively to others around you. So be sure to spritz your favorite one.

Piece of jewelry:

A simple ear stud livens up your face and makes you look so much better. It adds character and enhances the look of your outfit. Even the other accessories like an elegant wristlet or necklace can play up your beauty naturally.

Final words:

A well-stocked bathroom cabinet can make a huge difference in caring for your body – top-to-toe. Those are some ways you can ensure you look as good as possible during this lockdown time.

I would love to know what beauty tips are you following during this quarantine period? Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Interesting blog!!! Winters are here and this is the period where my skin breaks a lot. Thus, i have been reading and searching about the best skin care advice. This article looks helpful thanks!!!

  2. Great Blog.This is something I was really looking for.You have created a good list on Quarantine beauty tips.This is going to help me a lot to make a good skincare routine for myself.Thanks a lot.

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