5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 Products

5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 Products
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Tell me if you agree with me — regardless of how much do we love to follow today’s makeup trends, at all times, we love our good old 5-minute makeup?

Today, we’re going to recreate the same old-style makeup from the ’80s with a little modern touch. Yes, it literally takes 5 minutes and looks as good as any trendy makeup.

5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 ProductsPhoto by Manoel Marinho from Pexels

Anyone can follow this for their go-to makeup look when they don’t have more than 5 minutes and still want to look fresh & gathered.

(P.S. This makeup is not Hollywood/Bollywood style or what celebrities wore in those days. This is something that women wore in their day-to-day lives.)

A few steps to imitate even today are:

Good makeup starts with good skincare. Ensuring apt skincare is vital to get your makeup base right. If you remember, in those days too, makeup started with good skincare. Women washed their faces clean and put on moisturizing cream. There was Ponds cold cream only available in those days which was stated as a “cold cream” and not as moisturizing cream. And, despite the “cold cream” tag, everyone used it all twelve months. Now, there are many options available to choose from.

Make it simple, but significant – Don Draper

5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 Products

What you need:
  • Primer.
  • Powder foundation/Medium-high coverage compact powder/wet & dry compact powder.
  • Eyebrow pencil/product.
  • Eyeliner pencil or Mascara.
  • Lip product.

Face Primer:

Earlier, they rubbed an ice cube over the face to help the makeup last longer. As decided to add a modern touch, primer is going to be an additional product. A primer will keep the makeup intact for a longer time. Here we’re not going to use any base makeup products like concealer/foundation/BB/CC cream. So, primer is necessary to hold the makeup in place, minimize the appearance of pores, avoid creasing, and provide a smooth makeup look. Choose a primer appropriate to skin type (oily/dry skin). Take a tiny bit amount on your fingers and spread it all over the face. You can skip a primer if you’re at home and this is your everyday makeup. Also, if you don’t opt for.

Powder Foundation:

Previously, there were a few loose powders with white/rose tones. But now, with a wide variety of options handy for each and every skin tone, you can make smart choices in terms of formulation, texture, finish, shade, etc., I strongly advocate powder foundation as it does the job of concealer, foundation, and sometimes sunscreen lotion as well. Thus, three lesser steps. Apply with a puff for high coverage. Take care to blend nicely.

5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 Products

Eyebrow Product:

In those days, eyebrows were never given their due attention. Threading was the only eyebrow grooming method. In fact, the eyebrow grooming step was entirely omitted by many women. However, we cannot afford to do that now. Notably, in this era of selfies & HD cameras doing the brows is of much importance. Pencils give a natural finish, essential with this kind of neutral makeup. Buy a pencil that comes with Spoolie to make it simple.

Eyeliner or Mascara:

Formerly, there had been several eyeliner styles but the most favored was classic eyeliner with tiny wings. Talking about India, heavy kajal on the lower lashline was the beloved way. So, the heavily kohled look remains admired by people like me. As far as I remember, Lakme kajal in a crayon form and liquid eyeliner were the first entrants in the market. Picking a style relies on your individual taste. Pencil eyeliners are comfortable to work with, on-the-go. But if you like winged eyeliner then liquids/gels/felt tip pens are great choices. You can put to use colored pencil eyeliners to add a little pop of color.

If you’re a mascara person, then it is going to be too simple for you. It’s the only product you need for your eye makeup.

5-Minute Makeup Routine Using Only 5 ProductsPhoto by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

Lip Product:

Finally, the major component of makeup – Lipsticks. Glossy and shiny – pinks and reds were the lipstick trends of the 80s. To be quite honest, I didn’t like lipsticks back then at all. I dislike them both in terms of colors and finishes. Thankfully, much like all the other cosmetics, lipsticks have improved a lot over the period of time. Nowadays, there are lip shades for every occasion. Lipsticks or lip stains can double up as a blush. Opt for matte lipsticks, creamy ones, or glosses according to your outfits and events.

Final Words:

This super quick makeup routine is for anyone short on time and cannot spend more than 5 minutes on makeup while getting ready. Also, for those who don’t like a made-up look at all times. By keeping simple, it’ll look classy and take less time and effort. It is easier to carry 5 products in your handbag as well. This is how I recreate the old-style 5-minute makeup.

Would you like to share your quick makeup tips and tricks? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.

Thank you so much for reading! Also, let’s connect on Instagram. I would love to know you in person!

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