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Why I love Being A Homemaker

by Mansi

Homemaking is about making a home, not about making perfection – ANN VOSKAMP

As I look back on my childhood days, I remember, when my brother and I returned from school – our home was filled with the delicious aroma of steaming hot food set for lunch.

Everything was put back in its place. The floors were mopped clean. The bed was nice and crisp and the bathroom neat and tidy.

We had a small house. There was no bins and baskets organizing system in those days, still, everything was pretty organized.

Growing up in such a neat, clean and tidy home, always made me want to have a home like that when I was married. My mom was my inspiration. I wanted to be like her. She is an ideal homemaker I have ever seen.

Why I love Being A Homemaker

At all times, I found myself enjoying and having the most wonderful time in the safest place on the earth My Home. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in studying and working outside the home at all.

All I wanted was to be at home, take care of my family, be there for them 24/7. I desired to keep the house clean, cook meals, run errands and work from home. And do all this with love, care, and respect.

Also, being a follower of God, I wanted to play the role of a being a nurturer and caretaker, whole-heartedly.

I admit I cannot do even half of what my mom did and still does as a homemaker. She never took a break, never ordered a take out, never even when she was unwell.

She did not find any shortcuts of homemaking and didn’t like using appliances and equipment. All her work is handmade and elaborate. Regardless of how much I love homemaking, I cannot carry out to this degree.

Today I am sharing with you some approaches and the reasons why I love being a homemaker/stay at home wife:

1. I have a customized style of homemaking:

That means I manage my home single-mindedly. I plan, cook, clean, declutter, organize at my convenience using my personalized methods.

As I said in the earlier post, it’s easy to hire a housekeeper, in India. But you have to adapt to their way of cleaning/cooking, their timings, and their day-offs. Dealing with them is more of a pain than helpful to me. I’ve had enough of them in the early years of marriage. As a result, I gave up on the idea of hiring a maid.

Housework was uncomplicated and stressfree when I did it myself. With time, I fell in love with homemaking. Now, I want to manage my home independently without anyone else’s involvement.Why I love Being A Homemaker

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2. I am available 24/7:

My husband is my high-priority. I am constantly there to make sure that he eats well, gets time to exercise and gets good rest; to get him to relax when he’s home after a long day, to hear what he has to say, to provide him with a peaceful and safe environment and to have his favorite food ready on the table.

I am also available when my parents or in-laws need help with their doctor’s visit or when they need any other assistance. I believe physical assistance is as important as financial support.

We’ve all witnessed the sensitivity when our parents or husband had to work during our illness only because they didn’t get leave from office.

Recalling childhood memories, I have seen my class buddies getting lonesome because of their parents working outside. I can’t bear this in the case of my family.

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3. My husband is able to focus on his work:

Since I take care of the house, my husband focuses on his work. This is vital to get your home running smoothly. He gives his 100% to his profession. He has ample time to learn new techniques and improve his skills at work.

4. I save money on the household bills:

Being at home, I look for ways to save money as far as possible. The basic areas include electricity, cooking gas, water consumption, by making meals from scratch, etc., My work-travel expenses are saved as well.

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5. I lead a stress-free life:

It’s difficult for me to imagine my life as a 9-5 working woman. I cannot handle such tight schedules – everything just set on time and stressful.

The best part about being home is that I do not have to travel every day or be under the supervision of someone for the next 8 or 10 hours. I lead a free and content life as a homemaker.

I also get enough time for myself to take care of my health, skin, and hair; to spend a lot of time with my husband. And, to pursue my hobbies, meet my friends, meditate, read, etc.,Why I love Being A Homemaker

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6. Work at my own pace:

Here’s a big confession – I am a night owl! Hence, I am more active in the evenings. I want my mornings to be relaxing. So, I’ve created my routines in such a way that I carry out the bigger tasks like doing the dishes, laundry, sweep-mop, bathroom, and toilet cleaning and tidying in the evening.

Staying at home has given me this liberty. Otherwise, I had to rush to the office in the morning without any excuse. By being at home, I am free to make changes to my schedules as the situation demands.

Homemaking has given me the privilege to work at my own pace. I take a weekly off. I ensure that I get extra sleep and start slow in the morning; spend some quiet time at the window enjoying the morning. I get plenty of time for my blogging work as well.Why I love Being A Homemaker

Final Words:

I am grateful to be a homemaker; my life is so peaceful, happy and relaxed. I followed my heart to choose to become a homemaker. And, that was The Best decision of my life.

My husband supports and encourages me in my blogging profession. He helps me stay on the top with the current affairs. Together we have the best life.

I hope this article will help you find the reasons why homemaking can be good for you.

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I would love to hear from you. Why do you love being a homemaker? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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