52 Best Frugal Living Tips With A BIG IMPACT

52 Best Frugal Living Tips

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and sinking into debt? These frugal living tips and ideas will help you save money, lower your debt, turn your monetary situation around, and allow you to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

What is frugal living?

Individuals conclude as people who live frugally as someone buying low-grade goods and living poor.

Frugal people are oftentimes classed as cheapskates who deprive themselves of the comfort and pleasure of the modern world.

But instead, frugal folks are wise with their money.

They know how to be content while living below their means. They know what it feels like to be debt-free and experience financial freedom.

According to Merriam Webster Frugal means Thrifty or Economical “careful in the use of one’s money or resources.”

While Cheap refers to as Stingy “not generous or liberal: sparing or scant in using, giving, or spending.”

If you’re wondering how to live a very frugal life? Then here we go frugal living tips with a big impact.


1. Plan ahead:

Plan meals before grocery shopping. I know that sounds nightmarish. But you would be amazed by the results.

Meal planning also simplifies your grocery shopping and cooking process. And helps you to eat yummy meals at home.

2. Create a budget and stick to it:

If you haven’t already, start budgeting. Don’t have a budget plan? No worries, you can follow these 4 Quick Tips For Making Your First Budget.

3. Bring your lunch and coffee to work:

Drink your coffee at home. See how much money you save with this simple step.

52 Best Frugal Living Tips

4. Buy seasonal produce:

Buying what is in season is another great way to save money.

For example, in India, we get red carrots and green peas in winter. They are reasonably priced when they’re in season. But when you buy the same green peas in summer or monsoon, they’re priced 3x.

Seems small?

Well, every dime counts.

52 Best Frugal Living Tips

5. Buy generic goods:

Food staples, cleaning supplies, etc. Many times there are pretty good options. I wish I had known earlier.

6. Take inventory:

Just go through your pantry and refrigerator before creating a grocery list and heading to the store. Make sure to stick to the list.

7. Use a pressure cooker:

A pressure cooker turns out to be a great energy-efficient pick. It does a wonderful job of cooking food faster and better, therefore, saving on cooking gas. Using pots and pans with a lid saves energy too and is considered safe and healthy.

52 Best Frugal Living Tips

8. Avoid going to the grocery store hungry:

Going grocery shopping when hungry or stressed is a bad idea for your budget. It is a surefire way to shop impulsively.

9. Refrain from weekend shopping:

Avoid shopping on weekends or during peak hours on weekdays. I love Monday afternoons for being less overcrowded and relaxed. People usually go grocery shopping on weekends. What I have noticed is, that fruits and vegetables are no longer fresh until weekends. Such stale produce won’t last long.

But when you shop on Mondays or Tuesdays you get fresh items back in stock again.

Well, I prefer to shop for my clothes and other things on Mondays or Tuesdays too. The point is to shop attentively.

10. Countercheck your bills and receipts:

After doing your store checkout, take a moment to quickly go through your sales receipts. Check the exact numbers of items printed. Look for any misprints.

In case you’re paying cash, count your change, only then leave the store.

Make sure to value every penny.

11. Drink water:

Instead of soda/beverages as a healthy replacement.

12. Buy more raw, unprocessed food:

Opt for raw, real food substitutes over convenience food. They’re healthy and inexpensive.

13. Invite friends rather than dining out:

You can make it easier by arranging the party at your place. And tell each one of your friends to bring their specialty food. That way everyone can enjoy a variety of food without any single person having to bear all the expenses.

You can also rotate to friends’ houses to avoid cleaning, decorating, and other miscellaneous expenses.

14. Affordable entertainment:

Go on road trips instead of hanging out or partying at a restaurant.

Road trips are a super affordable alternative in terms of travel expenses. You can save lots of money by bringing your own food.

15. Book in advance:

Reserving air tickets or hotel rooms in advance would cost you excessively low — when traveling internationally or within states.

16. Schedule trips:

Plan trips during off-season months to get value for money. The costs will be lower and you can enjoy great attention and service because of the lesser crowd.

17. Watch for travel deals:

Look for deals online, in newspapers/magazines. Pack a bunch of dry snacks to avoid eating greatly at expensive restaurants.

18. Make a wishlist of your wants:

So that the items are just off your head.

19. Resist the urge to buy:

Before making any impulse purchase, wait for a day or two or for a week (for better outcomes). Take time to decide. If you still need the item, buy it.

20. Haggle:

Never hesitate to ask about prices, compare prices in different places, and NEGOTIATE. Yes, my dear friends, it pays off.

In fact, bargaining is a great frugal living tip from India and I highly recommend it to seniors.

21. Save water and electricity:

Turn off lights, appliances, and water faucets immediately after use.

22. Smart purchase:

Check for the quality and consider buying used, multi-functional, and strong furniture and decor items. Learn to DIY and remodel to give things a fresh look.

23. A little older stuff:

Even the electronics that are a couple years older may cost considerably cheaper than the newly arrived ones in the market.

24. Periodic maintenance:

Regularly oiling, servicing, and cleaning cars.

The same goes for home appliances. Regular cleaning and careful use can extend their life.

25. Keep the record:

Retain bills, sales receipts, and guarantee cards so you can find them conveniently in the event of replacements.

26. Market survey:

Do your market research, and learn about the product thoroughly before buying.

27. Home improvement:

Paint your own house and learn how to do basic repairs by yourself.

28. Capsule wardrobe:

Ascertain a color scheme — buy outfits that are versatile and don’t hesitate to wear them on various occasions. I personally do this and anyone barely notices.

29. Care for garments:

Learn basic mending, and stain-removing techniques, so you don’t discard clothes because of these minor issues.

30. Shop at clearance or factory outlets:

You’ll be surprised to find great deals at nearly about 30 to 40 percent discounts.

31. Avoid consumer traps:

Be smart and don’t fall into shopping traps while shopping at sales.

32. DIY as much as you can:

Paint your nails at home. DIY hair and beauty treatments at home. It is safe for your skin and hair. Plus, it is hygienic and economical.

33. Affordable outfit challenge:

If you like to keep up with the latest fashion trends, challenge yourself to recreate the looks of your favorite fashion models with budget alternatives.

34. Do your own housework:

Save a bunch of money by doing housework and running errands yourself.

35. Automate as is practicable:

Automate or pay bills on time to avoid delay penalties.

Paying bills early helps your credit score too.

36. Live below your means:

Buy a home and car that you can afford and that are easier to pay off.

37. Do your math:

Pick a reasonable internet plan.

38. Stay healthy:

Take care of your health — eat a healthy and balanced diet; get enough rest; exercise and keep your weight in check, care for your teeth — to stay away from unwanted medical expenses.

39. Buy generic medicine:

Look for generic medicines.

40. Pay cash:

When your credit/debit cards have no cashback offers that you can avail of, pay cash to avoid unnecessary service charges for using the same.

41. Save on fuel:

Walk or bike whenever you can to save on fuel expenses. Plus, it is great for your health and the environment. Another good way to live very frugal and save money.

42. Use cold water:

Soak clothes in warm water when necessary. But other times wash them in cold water.

The clothes get equally clean as warm water. Washing in cold water also prolongs the life of your clothes.

43. Use less product:

Use less amount of cleaners and detergents than recommended on the product packaging.

44. Line-dry:

Ditch the dryer and line dry clothes.

Use drying racks or clotheslines that can be kept indoors (out of the sun) to prevent fading of clothes.

52 Best Frugal Living Tips

45. Air-dry:

Similarly with the dishes, air dry to save time, energy, and effort.

46. Prepare in advance:

Have a backup plan and prepare ahead for a rainy day. A great frugal living tip from the great depression era that I learned from my Grandma.

47. Cancel subscription:

Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Read online or swap magazines with friends.

48. Use the library:

Buy secondhand (used) books or get access to a library.

49. At-home dates:

Plan date nights at home with your partner instead of heading out.

50. Ditch the T.V:

Cancel cable subscriptions and seek entertainment online.

We enjoy watching real-life vlogs — food diaries, travel vlogs, funny videos, old movies, or short films on YouTube.

51. Car wash:

Wash your own car. You’d clean it better without spending money.

And with periodic cleaning, it’ll be super quick.

52. Keep fit:

Exercise at home, play sports, climb stairs, and walk/bike.

There are so many ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine than spending big bucks on a gym membership.

Those were more than 50 frugal living tips to help you get started. No matter where you’re in life you can be frugal and save money. And reverse your financial situation with this daily frugal living guide.

If you want to go further, check out these extreme frugal living tips that you might find helpful.

Do you follow these frugal living tips or do you find them unusual? Let me know in the comments section below. And be sure to share your tips.

Thank you so much for reading. Happy Thrifting!

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