How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes or Less!

How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes or Less!
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Yes, you read it right. You can clean your kitchen In 10 minutes or less with this quick kitchen cleaning routine.

Studies have shown an average person spends 2 hours cleaning per day.

That’s a good deal of time when you have so many important things in life. I’m sure cleaning is not one of them.

You can learn better techniques and cut your cleaning time in half.

All you have to do is implement smart techniques.

How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes or Less!

(So, taking into consideration, the significance of keeping the most important areas in your home clean, and reducing the time and energy required to get your home clean – I’ve created a series of MINIMUM MAINTENANCE systems that you can implement in your home. These systems will help you keep your home clean and tidy at all times with minimal time and energy.)

The kitchen is the area that you should really spend time cleaning.

This is a place you cook your food, it should be clean and germ-free.

Each day after dinner or before going to bed, make sure to spend as less as 10 minutes tidying up this important area of your home — to prevent it from getting out of control, avoid frequent deep cleaning, and ensure it’s serviceable and welcoming. That also means you can wake up in the morning and get on with your other important work.

You can follow this routine at any time of the day (as per your needs) if you’re not able to do it at night.

Let’s just set the timer for 10 minutes and get started. The timer technique really helps me. I do this every time for all tasks. Knowing you’re under time pressure motivates you to move much faster.


Empty the countertops: (2 minutes)

Remove clutter from the counters.

Fill the sink with hot soapy water and start popping the dishes as you clear the countertops.

Start by chucking fruits and vegetable scraps and peels, empty boxes, or packs, bits of paper, plastic, etc

See to it that the leftovers — soup, salad, and rice make their way into the refrigerator.

Restore spice and condiment jars back in their place.

Have a basket to collect the items that don’t belong in the kitchen. You can go back to putting it in their designated place later.

Load the dishwasher: (3 minutes)

Unload the dishwasher —  put away clean dishes, spoons, knives, and bowls into the cabinets if you haven’t already.

Load dirty dishes. Run the dishwasher if the load is full.

Shine your stove and countertops: (1 minute)

Grab an all-purpose cleaner. Quickly spray over the stovetop and wipe it down.

Now, quickly spray the same all-purpose cleaner on the countertops and then a good wipe down too. Rinse the cloth and repeat if necessary.

Rinse the cloth and give the refrigerator and cabinet doors a quick wipe.

Give the microwave a quick wipe-down inside and out.

Shine your sink: (2 minutes)

Place a drying mat or drainer and start washing the remaining stuff. Just speedily wash off any pots and pans to be hand-washed. Let them dry off.

Scrub the sink, rinse off with hot water, and wipe it off with a dry towel quickly. Wipe the faucets as well.

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Take out the rubbish: (1 minute)

Empty the trashcan. And be sure to place a new garbage bag immediately.

Quick sweep floors: (1 minute)

It’s time for the floors.

Dust off the kitchen-floor mat of any crumbs.

Quickly sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor. Anything you chose.

Although, it hardly takes less than a minute to run a damp mop over the floor, if you want to leave it out — just spot mop any spills, sticky juices, or oily stuff on the floor for a cleaner look.

Last hand:

Pop the cloth rags or microfibre cloths in the washing machine. Place a fresh towel. Air out for a couple of minutes.

And there you go.

Now, take a moment to feel good about your job well done.

Cherish the calming results.

Feel the dust-free squeaky clean counters with your fingers. Have a look at your shining sink and stovetop. How relaxing is that?

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Final words:

So, no more dreading the housework. No more long days of deep cleaning. There you have quick tips to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes or less.

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading. Happy Cleaning!

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