How To SPEED CLEAN Your House In Just 30 minutes

How To SPEED CLEAN Your House In Just 30 minutes
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Whenever your house gets out of control, use this trick to get it back in order. Let’s see how to speed-clean your house in just 30 minutes.

Before we start, I want to make one thing clear– this speed cleaning session is all about SPEED. You just have to speed through your work, that’s it.

This isn’t about deep cleaning or perfection.

This is also not about precision or checking off everything on your list.

It’s all about cleaning as much as you can in the shortest time frame of 30 minutes.

This quick cleaning routine is for those working full time or having younger kids. It also comes in handy when life’s too busy.

This technique can help you restore order in your home in the shortest time.

All you need for this speed cleaning method is a timer.

First, decide which rooms you want to tackle. In general, pick 5-6 areas or rooms that are really out of control.

It can be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, kids’ room, and living room.

Prioritize as per your need — dining room, entry area, laundry room?

Now set the timer for 5 minutes per room.

Stop and leave the work where it is (yes, even if it is half done) once the timer goes off. And move on to the next room.

How To SPEED CLEAN Your House In Just 30 minutes

Here’s how you can get your home cleaned up faster.


5-minute tidy kitchen challenge:

I think the kitchen is the most challenging area in any house.

We’ll discuss in a while why I think starting in the kitchen is a good way.

First off, start by putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

Pick up clutter from the countertops. Put leftovers, veggies, sauce bottles, and spice jars into the refrigerator and cabinets, respectively.

Put mail, toys, clothes, or anything that does not belong in the kitchen in a bag or basket. You can deal with it later.

Quickly wash any pots or pans in the sink. Wipe down the sink.

Sweep/vacuum the floor.

Often, it’s quite not possible to clean the kitchen in 5 minutes. Even if you’re just two of you and your kitchen is spick and span. It can still be unattainable. So don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t work your fingers to the bone.

You can come back later and carry on where you left off.

For now, just focus on working on the next room.

All you have to do is switch rooms when the timer stops. And come back to the kitchen in the spare moments you get from cleaning any of the targeted rooms.

5-minute tidy Bedroom challenge:

Begin with making the bed.

Straighten up the nightstands quickly.

Pick up the clothes lying around. If they’re clean toss them in the drawers. No folding and organizing to perfection, please. Just throw them in there for now.

Don’t forget we’re SPEED cleaning. All you have is 5 minutes for each room.

If there’s dirty laundry, collect them near the bedroom door. So you can grab them as you head out.

Vacuum the floor.

If you think you’ve finished early, get to the kitchen and proceed with the remaining work.

Move on to the next room as soon as the timer turns off.

5-minute tidy Living Room challenge:

Straighten up the cushions.

Fold the blanket.

Pick up things lying on the floor.

Toys go into the boxes.

Clothes gather in one corner.

Dirty plates and cups lay up in one place.

Things from other rooms get collected in a basket or bag.

A quick vacuum and be sure to grab the plates and laundry.

Ready for the next room.

5-minute tidy Bathroom challenge:

Take out any dirty laundry.

Quickly put things inside the cabinets.

Spray the toilet bowl.

Let the cleaner work until you spray the mirror, and counter, and wipe them out.

Wipe down the sink as well.

Take disinfectant wipes and wipe down the toilet lid, seat, rim, and outer area of the toilet.

Scrub the bowl, flush, and you’re done.

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5-minute tidy Dining room challenge:

Collect things that don’t belong there –in a basket and clear up the table.

Pick up toys, clothes, paper, fruit peels, or things lying on the floor.

Wipe down the table and chairs quickly. And pull the chairs aside to clean underneath.

Sweep or vacuum the floor of crumbs or soil. Spot mop spills or sticky food. Straighten up the chairs.

Usually, this area should take you a lot less time than 5 minutes. You can utilize this time in other areas.

Final words:

Post this 30-minute cleaning sprint your home will be a better place.

This sort of speed cleaning round comes in very handy on a hard day. To beat post-vacation blues, or simply when you do not have enough motivation to clean.

You will be surprised how much you can get done in such a small amount of time.

The idea here is — you could spend 30 minutes and get your kitchen clean spic and span. And, your whole house would be messy.

But dedicating just 5 minutes to each room, you can tidy up your entire house.

Working for 5 minutes in every room will give you 6 different tidy rooms in just 30 minutes. Win-win.

Bonus — you’re going to burn some serious calories.

Be sure to share your tips and tricks in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading. Happy Cleaning!

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