Quick & Easy NightTime Cleaning Routine – FOR RELAXING MORNINGS

Quick & Easy Night Time Cleaning Routine - FOR RELAXING MORNINGS
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No more feeling overwhelmed and disorganized every morning. Get ahead of your home cleaning game with this quick and easy nighttime cleaning routine.

Today I’m going to take you through a list of cleaning tasks that you can carry out each night for peaceful mornings.

Of course, some days are different than others.

However, if you make daily cleaning a priority, and accomplish these 4 simple tasks every night, you’ll be able to start your mornings slow. And have some free time to spend with your family or do things you love.

Starting up your day in a clean home makes you happier and more productive.

Everyones’ nighttime cleaning routine may look different. Because you know when you have little kids your house is going to get too messy compared to those with grown-up kids or with no kids.

That said, doing these four tasks will help you reset your home. You can go to bed peacefully and set your day up for success.

Nighttime can be more conducive for cleaning as kids are in bed and your husband is enjoying his ‘me’ time watching tv or reading a book.

Quick & Easy Night Time Cleaning Routine - FOR RELAXING MORNINGS

Let’s get started.


1| Deal with the laundry:

Starting off in the kitchen after a long day can be daunting. Hence, sorting laundry and loading the washer is a good first step.

To make my mornings more manageable, I simply get ahead and put my laundry detergent (powder) in the dispenser too. So, in the morning, I’ll just turn on the washer and bingo.

If you haven’t already, fold and put away the fresh load too. Don’t let it sit there until tomorrow. Set the timer for 5 minutes and get it cleared off right away.

2| Load the dishwasher and get it running:

Now that you’ve gathered momentum, let’s tackle the kitchen.

Rinse off the dishes, load the dishwasher, and get it started.

Put things back. Take care of the leftovers.

Wash off pots and pans. Give the sink a good scrub.

Wipe down the countertops and appliances.

Take everything off the dining table and give it a good wipe. Wipe down the highchair and other chairs. Straighten up. Quickly put things away.

Time to sweep or vacuum the floors. You can go ahead and spot-mop if necessary.

Quickly take out the trash and place a new garbage bag.

3| Quick pickup — living room, bedroom, kids room:

Spend a couple of minutes in each room getting it back in order. 

Fold the blankets, gather all the toys, put things away, and straighten up.

Quickly vacuum, if needed. 

4| Tidy up the bathroom:

If you haven’t done it already (in your morning cleaning routine) spend a few moments in your bathroom tidying it up.

Nothing much. Just clear out things on your vanity. Put them back. Straighten up things.

Quickly wipe down the mirror, counter, sink, and toilet with the disinfectant wipes.

Place fresh towels.

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Final words:

That was all about the quick and easy nighttime routine.

Benefits of this nightly cleaning routine?

You’ll have clean pair of your favorite clothes to wear whenever you need them.

You’ll have a great time cooking in the clean kitchen.

Getting ready in a shipshape bathroom will be relaxing.

Your family will truly appreciate a neat and calm living space.

This 4-step cleaning routine is all you need to restore order in your home. And to make it a functional, calm, and relaxing place for your family.

Alike adults, kids thrive in orderly homes.

For you too, there’s no better feeling than knowing your kitchen, living room, or play area is clean.

Waking up to clean the house is the best feeling.

Once you get in the habit of following this nighttime cleaning routine you’ll never want to go to bed with your home messy. And be grumpy from the get-go.

Work this routine with a good morning and weekly cleaning routine to keep on top of your housekeeping duties.

Be sure to share your thoughts, tips, and tricks in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading. Happy Cleaning!

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