How To Get Motivated To Clean

How To Get Motivated To Clean: Cleaning Motivation Tips
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The holiday season is here, it’s time to shake things up a little bit at home.

During this time of the year, when you just want to get cozy snuggling up in your warm blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Cleaning is the last thing on your mind.

Sunny mornings have something to brighten up your mood and get yourself to cleaning without thinking much. Fall cleaning? Certainly calls for motivation.

How To Get Motivated To Clean

If you’re still easing up, I’m here to help you with some tips and tricks to get motivated to clean.


Have a cleaning caddy:

Firstly, in order to make the cleaning process convenient, buy yourself appropriate tools. Trying a new appliance or product is a great way to get motivated to clean.

Having a well-organized caddy will make cleaning the entire house a lot easier (grab and go).

Check out why you must own proper cleaning tools and some affordable options here

Dress suitably:

Outfit changes our attitude. So dress up for success.

I have a separate pair of cleaning outfits. Something comfortable and nice-looking. I also like to tie my hair up in a bun and wear my apron and gloves.

Identify your cleaning personality type:

Do you like to get the cleaning done in one go or one thing at a time? Determine your cleaning personality type to work accordingly.

If you’re someone who likes to clean in one go, set aside two or three days depending upon the level of cleaning. Dedicate those days to cleaning only.

What I do on the days I deep clean is – I order food from outside and use disposable cups and plates to save additional workload – cooking and cleaning. I also skip the laundry that day. I don’t blog and don’t exercise. Instead, I only spend my time cleaning to get it done as quickly as possible. That saves me energy and time from my daily activities and helps me get the deep cleaning done real quick.

Limit the time:

I love how The fly lady says “your house didn’t get messy overnight don’t expect it to get clean in a night “.

Ascertaining time is the key to getting motivated to clean. The timer technique does well in this case.

Stopping amidst a project you could no longer resist the urge to clean the next day. 

Speed up:

Often, the chores take lesser time than we think.

Getting lost/consumed in thoughts or distracted by your phone or TV reduces our pace of work drastically. But actually being sluggish is a huge stumbling block too. Nobody wants tedious tasks. 

Similarly, some mistakes can impede speed.

For many years, I didn’t realize what was taking me so much time to do just a few dishes. Then I figured I was using the dish detergent excessively. By excessively I mean awfully.

I don’t know what got me thinking more product means cleaner utensils. In fact, more product means 5x times more rinsing; more waste of water; more cleaning to do. Plus, it is harmful to your health if the dishes didn’t get rinsed properly. 

One way to increase your working speed is by recording the time it takes you to complete each task (from start to finish). Then, next time, while performing the same tasks set the timer five minutes early than the time you require to finish them.

Challenge yourself to finish the task before the timer goes off, and do it well.

Practice this every day to increase your speed of work. 

Make a cleaning checklist/use free printables:

Having a visual checklist will keep you sane. You’ll have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish.

With a list, nothing will be forgotten or undone. Printables will point out unremembered tasks.

It’ll help you keep track of your progress as well.

Conquer OCD:

Once you have cleaned one thing really well. Proceed. Don’t get stuck in one place ensure everything is clean over and over again.

As we saw in the earlier post, there’s no such thing as perfection.

Don’t strive for it. Or you will feel unfulfilled all the time.

Remember done is always better than perfect.

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Avoid needless cleaning:

Clean only what needs care and attention. You shouldn’t get caught up with things that are clean already. 

Watch someone clean:

Watching someone else cleaning or working hard on their home is a surefire way to get motivated to clean. I have learned far simpler dusting, cleaning, and organizing techniques from YouTubers.

You can check out a few cleaning YouTube channels to see how they do things differently than what you’re doing.

Are you following an inappropriate cleaning sequence, using the wrong tools, or following improper methods? Is there anything you do inaptly? 

A friend or an aunt who always has a clean home can be your perfect cleaning guru as well.

Final words:

Forget about festivities, for ones like me, need the motivation to clean – Every. Single. Day.

So, I keep on looking for ways that make cleaning dreadless.

I hope these tips will come in useful and get you motivated to clean.

Would you like to add something to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Happy Cleaning!

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    1. I totally agree! TV can be distracting mainly with your favorite show. Intense music energizes me as well. Sometimes all I need is some coffee and jazz music to get myself to deep cleaning or doing a large stack of dishes. I will be adding this great pointer in the homemaking tips part 2. Thanks so much for sharing!

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