The Secret To Staying On Top Of Homemaking

The Secret To Staying On Top Of Homemaking

Today’s fast and furious life has made staying on top of homemaking harder.

Relax, there’s a better way!

Juggling between work, home, and family is a challenging job. Full of ups and downs. Some days you’re more productive, you — rest well, spend good alone time, eat a healthy breakfast, and make sure everything goes as per plan. Other days are about rushing the soccer day, running errands, or church activities.

One day you’re out for a cause and your house is intolerable. What if you have side hustles or have to be out a few times a week – can you live in your house?

Will you have something in place to feed your kids when they get home from school/activities? Can you cook today’s meal on top of the mess from the previous night? Will you have a clean pair of work clothes in your closet? Could you find things easily before leaving for the office?

This is how things spiral out of control.

If you’re planning to attend an event, without prioritizing and getting your daily-havetos done, thinking you’ll get to it later, you’re setting up yourself for bigger and worsened chaos when you get home.

How do we get everyone on board?

What’s the secret, the magical potion to stay on top of homemaking regardless of whether or not you’re a working mom.



And the secret is:


What are the non-negotiable tasks?

There are a few household tasks that can straight affect our day-to-day living.

Like, you cannot cook in a messy kitchen. This makes dishwashing & tidying a non-negotiable task.

The dirty washing is all over the place because your washer and laundry basket are flooded with the older washing or there are still clothes in the dryer — making laundry a daily-haveto task.

Everyone will have their own set of non-negotiable tasks. These tasks won’t make your home super clean but homey. And put you at ease knowing that your most significant tasks for the day are done.

Keeping up with your daily havetos will ensure  — you have a clean kitchen and living space, a fresh pair of clothes, and everything in place, readily available.


One Simple Trick That’ll Transform Your Homekeeping

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As for me, the daily-havetos are having dinner made, breakfast wiped, house picked, and floors swept. I can still manage to give laundry a miss for a day or two.

So, in case I get an unexpected call from my friends, parents, or in-laws asking me to accompany them somewhere, important or casual:

I’ll take 30-35 minutes before I leave to quickly throw some rice, veggies, or chicken into the pressure cooker (10-15 minutes).

My lifesaving one-pot meal recipe that’s super healthy and tastes delicious!

Speedily clean the dishes and counters (10 minutes).

Do a quick pickup (5 minutes).

And sweep the floors real quick (5 minutes).

I cannot tell you how rewarding it is  — to come back to an orderly home with a meal ready to satiate your hunger.

You guys, try it and let me know. You’re going to love it, I promise.

Steps to do this:

  • Jot down 4 of your non-negotiable tasks in the order of their prominence. Tasks that have the biggest, most prompt impact on your house. The tasks that would not only have your house functioning well but allow you to slow down and relax.
  • Every day, try to get these 4 tasks done in the first one or two hours of your day. Remember, these are your daily-havetos, so learn to do them quickly and well.
  • Identify how much time it takes for you to get your non-negotiable tasks done. And allot that much time to those tasks only. In between, avoid any deep cleaning and ignore all the messes no matter how noticeable they’re. For the moment, focus on your non-negotiable tasks only.
  • Include a 5-minute pickup for the widely-used parts of your home to achieve remarkable results.

With a planned outing or an unexpected one; while having someone over; on your office day-off; on a sick day; working outside or at home, in all instances — make sure to get your non-negotiable tasks done. And you’ll be well on your way to staying on top of homemaking.

Final words:

With this one secret, you can succeed in staying on top of your homemaking like never before. Yes, even on a busy day, regardless of how crazy life is. Having your daily-havetos done will maintain your home between the deep cleaning sessions and keep it presentable and guest-ready.

Thank you so much for reading. Happy Homekeeping!

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