5 Ways To Make Your Home A Haven

5 Ways To Make Your Home A Haven

A home, unlike the rest of the world, should be a warm, welcoming, and comfortable place to be.

A place where you can’t wait to retire after a busy day. Where, in contrast to the workplace politics, toxicity, and sarcasm, someone awaits your arrival with a warm meal. Your own personal place where everything smells like you; seems like you; feels like you; sounds like you. Like your very own. Unique and special!

Irrespective of the level we criticize and take for granted, our home, never ceases to shelter us in this wicked world. Did you ever happen to spend a day outside in an unfamiliar place? Or been in a situation when you were stuck at the airport or the train station platform the entire day/night?

That very moment you realize the significance of the home. The home that we make a fuss over. I have had such awful moments quite a time so I know it.

5 Ways To Make Your Home A Haven

What makes the home a comfortable place to be?

This article is inspired by the book Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions For Homekeeping. In this book, the author Miriam Lukken has explained The Art Of Homekeeping by considering the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. So today, let’s dive deeper in to see how we can make our home a haven.

A haven for our family, for God, and for the visitors – by working on these 5 important elements of our home.



According to the author, colors have a grand impact on our nerves and psychology. Thus, they need to be considered carefully. Different colors have different effects. Bold colors affect the mood strongly whereas cool/pastel tones are soothing to the mind.

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Rethink how you prefer each room and the purpose of the same? Do you like a simplistic look with bare essentials or a flashy design with an enthralling mix of books, relics, couture, etc.,


The sense of smell is strongly connected to memory. Whether it’s an appetizing dish from childhood or the fresh orchards in the garden.

The smell can be a powerful feature in making our home a haven.

Observe the smell in the house when you’re home from outdoors.

Does it smell pleasant or stale/moldy? Make your home smell fresh by taking out the trash regularly.

What fragrance do you and your family love? The smell of lavender, freshly ground coffee, or simmering lemon zest? Maybe aromatic candles, incense, or essential oils? Whatever choice of aroma you pick for your home, airing out by opening the windows can never go out of style.


How does your home feel?

How often do you change sheets, wash curtains, clean rugs, sort mails, declutter toys? Are there knickknacks, books, laundry far and wide?

The cleanliness, luminosity, and comfort of your home can make a huge impact on how cozy you feel.


How does your day-to-day life sound like?

Loud and noisy, or quiet and peaceful?

I have seen a lot of families turn their television on well ahead of breakfast and shut down at bedtime. Some people like upbeat music while getting ready for the office.

At the same time, there are people who’re more of windchimes, soft piano, and a home bursting into laughter of family and friends.

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Reduce the noise in the room. Play some soothing music or mantras for a peaceful ambiance.


Do you love to serve your guests a gourmet menu or just simple nourishing meals?

Are you a formalist host who wants a perfectly set, color-coded, and well-decorated table with everything from appetizers to drinks to the main course out and out for their guests?

Or just believe in the idea of quality versus quantity?

Decide and get ahead of having a guest-ready party plan by jotting down every small detail in a notebook.

Final Words:

All of these areas deserve attention as we strive to make our home a haven, a most special place for our loved ones. A home that witnesses composure, beauty, and inventiveness. As author Miriam Lukken says, “home should be a place where we can grow and thrive, and live and love, to the fullest extent”.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading. Happy Homemaking!

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