30 Best Cooking Tips Every Homemaker Needs To Know

30 Most Helpful Cooking Tips You Need To Know

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As homemakers, we want to cook delicious meals for our families. We’re always looking for the best cooking tips that would improve the taste of our home-cooked meals.

Because how does it feel when your kids curl their lips while eating the food you’ve made for them? Or when your family says the food was good but a lot of it was wasted because no one ate enough?

Do you feel it was not worth the time you spent on planning & prepping the meals, the labor that went into cooking, and the money you spent buying healthier ingredients?

Cooking at Home is a laborious task. It implies lots of time and patience.

But did you know — you don’t need gourmet food recipes or fancy methods to cook delicious meals?

Everything you need is to follow certain prepping, cooking, garnishing techniques, and learn which ingredients go well together to make your everyday meals taste good.

But why should we even bother the homemade meals are tastier? After all, HOMEMADE FOOD is healthy, right?

To your surprise, the way you cook (yes, even at home) can also be not-so-healthy for your family if you don’t do it right.

Is it not enough that the food is HOMECOOKED?

Yes my dear friends, still!

30 Most Helpful Cooking Tips You Need To Know

To back up my point on how important the taste of food is in maintaining good health I have some more information from Indian Food Wisdom & Art of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar.

In this video, Rujuta says “The first step of digestion is in the mouth and our mouth holds our tongue. Now if the food that your eating doesn’t interest your tongue then it won’t secrete the right kind of digestive enzymes and it will not welcome the food into your system“.

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Hence, the taste of food deserves attention.

Also, when you’re putting so much effort into cooking why not ask your family – what would they like to have for dinner? And why not make some special effort to make those everyday simple meals taste yummier? 

Today let’s unpack some traditional yet simple cooking tips that’ll make our everyday meals taste better:

30 Most Helpful Cooking Tips You Need To Know


  1. Use a fair amount of healthy fats. Butter, clarified butter, oils, cheese are nutritious and natural taste enhancers. Adding an extra spoonful will give your food that rich and creamy effect.
  2. If your recipe demands frying something apart from cooking, complete the frying part first. Then use the same oil to do the rest of the cooking. Never discard the oil since it contains all the flavor of your main ingredient.
  3. Add a spoonful of oil while cooking lentils to help them cook tenderly.
  4. Add a spoonful of oil to the flour while kneading for a nice and soft dough.
  5. Fry chicken or fish in oil/butter before adding them to the gravies.
  6. Use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour for better taste.
  7. Adding Coconut milk or buttermilk to recipes improves the taste.
  8. Never opt for fat-free, low-fat, sugar-free versions of food. Keep it raw and real.
  9. The standard ginger-garlic proportion is garlic 60% and ginger 40%.


  1. Marinating meat or chicken in buttermilk makes it moist and juicy.
  2. To get rid of the fishy smell, wash the meat, chicken, or fish thoroughly, add a little salt, squeeze a lemon, and set it aside for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Soak the onions in plain water to chop them without crying.
  4. Using fresh ingredients makes a lot of difference to the taste of your food.
  5. Don’t peel the potatoes unless the recipe calls for it.
  6. Use whole spices. Sauteing whole spices in the oil or butter at the beginning releases a natural aroma and flavor.
  7. Finely chopped veggies and ground pastes lose their flavor. Always opt for roughly chopped or roughly ground variants.
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  1. Consider cooking on a low flame and covered to preserve the taste and nutrition of the food.
  2. Nuts as a whole or ground into a paste can make a simple dish, rich and flavorful.
  3. Always add warm water to curries, soups, or gravies to enhance the taste.
  4. Use broths or stocks (as per the recipe requirements) to add an extra boost of flavor.
  5. To jazz up your plain everyday rice, add a tablespoon of clarified butter, 1 0r 2 bay leaves, and a teaspoon of cumin or caraway seeds to boiling water before cooking rice in it.
  6. Add beaten eggs to thicken the consistency of curries or gravies and to enrich the taste.
  7. Once you master the correct proportion of sugar and salt, you’re never going to go wrong with any dish. They both make for excellent taste enhancers.
  8. Use wheat flour in place of cornflour to thicken the soups or coat the chicken when frying.
  9. Coat the chicken or fish with beaten egg and buttermilk before frying them (buttermilk, in case of chicken/meat) to make it taste delicious.


  1.  A dollop of clarified butter/regular butter, or some extra grated cheese has proved to be the best garnish time and again.
  2. Cilantro makes for a great garnish in terms of color and taste.
  3. Squeezing a lemon over salty dishes intensifies the taste.
  4. Using Birista (fried onions) in gravies, curries or certain kinds of soups really enhances the flavor.
  5. Along with its health benefits Saffron can also be used as a food coloring and flavoring alternative.

30 Most Helpful Cooking Tips You Need To Know

Final Words:

Those were my simple but effective cooking tips. Every homemaker wants their attempt to caring for their family to be fruitful.

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Real contentment is experienced when you receive compliments from your family for the food you’ve cooked for them with love.

If you’ve made it until here, I’m sure your hard work will pay off.

My friend, Janae, has also offered her tips on Why Your Homemade Food Doesn’t Taste Good.

I can’t wait to have cooking tips and tricks from you. Let me know if you found these tips helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

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